Homework 10/10

7th Math: Written Practice p. 32 # 1 – 30 evens.  We will also have a quiz Friday, on number line equations, place value (trillions) and expanded notation.


8th Math: Written Practice pgs. 28 – 29 #1 – 17 or Practice Set p. 28 a – c. There was some confusion on the homework from last night. So if you completed one assignment last night complete the other tonight. You must have both assignments completed for tomorrow (you should have completed one last night.) There will also be a word problem test on Thursday.


6th Math: Written Practice p. 26 – 27 #s 1 – 25 odd. We will also have a quiz on Thursday.


6th English: Great narratives! I can’t wait to read the final drafts!  Tomorrow, students may work on typing their final drafts during library. They may also do this at home. Drafts may be typed with double spacing or neatly hand written. Final drafts are due Thursday. On Thursday we will also do our oral personal narrative presentations.  There is nothing due for grammar tomorrow as I really want you to put all your effort into your personal narratives.  Next week we will have a test on nouns.


Please email me any questions or concerns.


Have a great night!