Unit 5 Spelling Words

  1. wait            Please wait for me by the door.
  2. weight        A scale shows your weight.
  3. heard         Trevor heard a loud noise outside.
  4. herd           Many buffalo can travel in a herd.
  5. creek          Did you see any fish in the creek?
  6. creak          The door opened with a creak.
  7. heel             This shoe is hurting my heel.
  8. heal             It takes weeks for a broken leg to heal.
  9. peak            We climbed to the mountain’s peak.
  10. peek            Do not peek inside the box.
  11. sent             Keith sent me a letter.
  12. cent             A penny equals one cent.
  13. scent           Grandpa loves the scent of roses.
  14. ring             The ring fit my finger perfectly.
  15. wring          Please wring out the wet towel.
  16. vain            Darla wished in vain for a pony.
  17. vane           A weather vane shows wind direction.
  18. vein            The doctor drew blood from my arm vein.
  19. miner         Carmen’s uncle is a miner.
  20. minor         A minor can’t vote until age eighteen.