Thursday, 10/5

Good evening, all! I apologize for my late post, but it has been a long and crazy day!

Students should only have studying to do for homework tonight unless they did not complete their Spelling City homework last night.  If they did not complete it then it’s due for homework tomorrow.  Those who did complete it on time received extra credit in spelling.

  • For tomorrow’s English test on prepositions, students will be asked to:

  1. Circle the prepositional phrase in a sentence (part I).
  2. When told if it is a prepositional phrase used as an adverb, students will need to identify the verb it is referring to (part II).
  3. When told if it is a prepositional phrase used as an adjective, students will need to identify the noun it is referring to (part III).
  4. For numbers 2 and 3, the phrase will already be identified and underlined.
  • Students have a vocabulary test tomorrow for the story, Coming Distractions: Questioning Movies.

  • Students have a social studies test tomorrow on Chapter 2.  They received a study guide today and were given class time to start working on it.  The study guide does not need to be turned in.  It is mainly to help the students focus on specific ideas that will be on the test tomorrow.  We went over questions/answers that seemed confusing to them.  I am confident they will do great!

I have challenged the students to earn a collective 250 DOJO points tomorrow.  If they do this, they will receive an ice cream treat from me next week!

Monday, October 9th is the Elm’s field trip.  Please do not forget! This is a non-uniform day for students, but please dress appropriately.  Check the weather that morning and plan accordingly.  Have students wear clothing they are not worried about getting dirty. Please also pack a bag lunch this day.

Have a blessed Friday and wonderful weekend!