Homework and updates 10/4

Today was a busy day!


7th Math: Tests are going home in Wednesday envelope, please sign and return.  There is a quiz tomorrow. Homework: complete the worksheet to review for quiz.


8th Math: We moved the quiz to tomorrow and did some extra review today. Homework: p. 23 #1 -7 written practice.


6th Math: Everyone did a great job on the quiz today!!  No homework tonight!


6th English:  We are ready to write our personal narratives!! The students have done most of the work already.  They have brainstormed, identified descriptive words, written a “hook” sentence, explained what was happening in their surroundings…and so on. They need to take all of this information and put it together into a 3-5 paragraph narrative. We will peer and self edit the rough drafts so it is really important the students have them on Friday. Please email me any questions or concerns. Here are some dates to remember…

10/6 Friday – Rough Draft Due

10/11 Wednesday – Final Draft Due and we will begin presentations that we will finish on Friday if we need more time.


Thanks everyone!!

Have a great night!