Homework 10/2

Sorry for the late post!!  All practice sets should be on loose leaf or Saxon paper (the ones with the squares) with the proper heading.  We will review homework tomorrow in class and then please turn it in 🙂


7th – Homework :  Lesson 3 Practice Set a, b, f, g, j, k (additon and subtraction problems)


8th Homework:  Lesson 3  practice set a – g


6th Math Homework: Finish what was left of the word problem worksheet and then complete the reteaching worksheet p. 3 Course 1 Lesson 3.  Use the box on the top of the page for help if you need it.


6th English Homework:  Workbook pages 8, 9, and 12 due on Thursday.  Pages 8 and 9 are a review, and 12 is new information we learned today. Use your notebook and be sure to read the directions and the notes in the box on the top of the page to refresh your memory. 🙂 Be sure to have your writing lessons up to Lesson 9 complete and in your composition books for our next class on Wednesday.


Please email any questions or concerns.

Have a great night!