Friday 9/29

Happy Friday! It was a great week to be an Eagle!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

7th Math – There was a little confusion about the test corrections. We did go over it in class but some students were still unsure.  The corrections need to be turned in on a separate piece of paper with the problem written out and the corrected solution.  I do that so the students can repeat the problem and see the corrected answer.  Otherwise, they just leave the answer we gave in class and don’t learn the correction from their mistakes. I’m sorry for the confusion 🙂   With that being said, I extended the due date, for those that needed it, to Monday for corrections.  The test will be in the Wednesday envelope next week for parents to sign and return. Thanks!!

8th Math:  There is no homework this weekend.

6th Math: There is no homework this weekend.

6th English: We are almost finished with our personal narrative prep work and we should be ready to write it next week 🙂  The only homework is any unfinished lesson worksheet up to Lesson 9.  We worked on it all during class time so if they have a lot left to finish, they did not use their class time wisely.  🙂 Just a reminder, students, Monday is a “Grammar” day and there is no homework due. Thanks!

Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Have a great weekend!!