Wednesday, 9/27

We are halfway there!  Happy Wednesday!

  • Wednesday folders came home today.  The English test WILL NOT be in the Wednesday folder.  I handed the tests out today and went over the answers with the class.  Students who were happy with their grade were able to bring their tests back to me to keep in the grade book.  You can log onto the Rediker website to check out your child’s grade if it does not come home in the folder. Students who are happy with their grade do not need to re-take the test on Friday.  For those students who brought their test home with them today, re-takes will take place on Friday.  I will take the better of the two test grades. 
  • Tomorrow, 9/28 is a tag day to support our local first responders.  The cost is $2 per child or $5 per family OR students may bring in blue snacks as a donation (Oreos, Doritos, etc.).
  • Friday is a brown bag lunch day!
  • Join us Friday evening for tons of fun playing Designer Purse Bingo!
  • We visited the science lab today and got an up close and personal look at the differences between animal cells and plant cells.  The students received 4 DOJO points for this one event.  They were EXTREMELY POLITE, PATIENT, AND WELL BEHAVED, and I received several compliments on their performance. Thank you, Mrs. Taylor!
  • All religion books should come home tonight as this is a designated study night for the upcoming religion test.
  • There will be a field trip form coming home in the Wednesday envelope today.  The form is due back to me by next Wednesday, October 4th.  This is for the October 9th trip to the Elms.  I will need 4 chaperones for this field trip.  Chaperones will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis.  Please e-mail me if you are interested.

  • Progress reports will be sent home next Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

Tests for the week of 9/25.  Tests will take place on Friday, 9/29

ReligionChapter 4

Reading – Comprehension Test for Invasion from Mars

Spelling – Unit 4

This week students will also have the opportunity to re-take their English test on subjects and predicates.

Homework for 9/27

Religion – Study for Chapter 4 test.

SpellingFinish pg. 38-39

MathFinish pg. 101-102, #1-15

Social StudiesStudents who did not write their answers in complete sentences will need to re-do their homework from last night. (pg. 45, #1-3)