Monday 9/25/17

Happy Monday!

  • Please see the e-mail sent earlier today.

  • Tomorrow we take our Reading Scantron test!

  • Wednesday, September 27th, Purse Bingo basket items are due!

  • Thursday is Tag Day.

  • Friday is brown bag lunch day.

  • We are starting a unit on prepositions today.  Please make sure your child keeps their preposition worksheet in their folder.

  • Seat sacks came in today!  Please send in your money if you haven’t already.

Tests for the week of 9/25.  Tests will take place on Friday, 9/29

Religion – Chapter 4

ReadingComprehension Test for Invasion from Mars

SpellingUnit 4

This week students will also have the opportunity to re-take their English test on subjects and predicates.

Homework for 9/25

Religion – Finish workbook pg. 13

Math – 1. Finish the classwork worksheet if you didn’t get a smiley face.

              2.  Lesson 15, pg. 91-93, #2-30 even

Reading – Complete vocabulary sheet.  (We went over last week’s vocabulary test so everyone understands how to complete a question, using a dictionary definition.)