Homework 9/20

7th Grade:  I hope all the students enjoyed the presentation today by St. Mary’s Ryken!  Since class we extremely short today, the 7th grade escaped without homework 🙂  Students, get a good rest tonight as we are picking up the pace tomorrow!

8th Grade: Loved your problems today!


  • Finish Operations of Arithmetic vocabulary fold-able (multiplication and division)
  • 2 Fact families each inverse operations (multiplication/division), (addition/subtraction)

6th Grade Math: Homework:

  • p. 10-11 in the textbook 2-20 evens

6th Grade English: Homework

  • Brainstorm sheet for personal narrative and glue into composition book
  • Unfinished work including workbook pgs. 5 – 6

Have a great night!