Tuesday 9/19/17

  • Parents, please remember to turn in items for our Movie Night basket for Purse Bingo.  All items are due by next Wednesday.  The class whose basket brings in the most money will get a pizza party!

  • I had individual conversations with each fourth grader today, regarding their AR goal.  You will receive an AR contract in the Wednesday envelope tomorrow.

  • Class and individual pictures took us a little off schedule today.  Students who used their time wisely were able to complete some of their homework during any “down time.” 

  • Please remember to have students bring in their recorders from last year if they have them.  Music is tomorrow!

Side note….

Please continue to encourage your children to give their very best at school, every day.  I’ve had several discussions with them about remembering their name and date on papers, writing the proper heading, checking their work for mistakes, and writing in complete sentences (using capital letters and punctuation).  I’ve been giving gentle reminders to the class, but as we go on throughout the first quarter, assignments will be subject to a more stringent grading.


Tests for the week of 9/18.  All tests will take place on Thursday, 9/21/17.

Reading – Vocabulary ONLY for Stormalong

Religion – Test on Chapter 3

English – Short quiz on subjects and predicates (complete, simple, and compound)

Science – Test on Lessons 1 and 2 of Chapter 1, Kingdoms of Life

Homework for 9/19/17

Religion – workbook pg. 9

Math – Lesson 12, pg. 74-75, #1-17

English – Workbook pg. 10 (We did an extensive lesson on this today.  I did the first section on the board.)

Spelling – Remember…Spelling City homework is due Thursday!