Monday, 9/18/2017

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! This week is a 4-day week.  Students have off this Friday, September 22nd for Fair Day.

Tomorrow, September 19th is picture day.  Students should be wearing their regular uniform. Please make sure to send the picture envelope in tomorrow!

In math today, we covered Lesson 11, finding missing addends in word problems.  We worked very carefully on creating numbers sentences based on word problems.  Students know their numbers sentences should have numbers and a variable appear in the exact order stated in the world problem in order for it to be set up correctly.  For instance…

John had 10 cats and then Jill gave him some dogs.  Altogether, John now has 16 cats and dogs total.  How many dogs did John receive?

The number sentence for this problem should look like this:  10 + d = 16; d = 6 dogs

This keeps the number sentence in order of the word problem and then fully answers the question by finding that John was given 6 dogs.

Students will receive AR contracts in their Wednesday folder.  You will also receive the AR report from the STAR test as well as information on how to log on to AR from home. This is a helpful guide to knowing your child’s ability level in reading.

Tests for the week of 9/18.  All tests will take place on Thursday, 9/21/17.

Reading – Vocabulary ONLY for Stormalong

Religion – Test on Chapter 3

English – Short quiz on subjects and predicates (complete, simple, and compound)

Science – Test on Lessons 1 and 2 of Chapter 1, Kingdoms of Life

Homework for 9/18

Math – Lesson 11, pg. 69-70, #1-15

Spelling – Students have two assignments, due on Thursday.  Students have their log in information in their student planners. Please notify me by e-mail or written note if your child is unable to access these at home.

Social Studies – Students need to finish their vocabulary worksheet for Lesson 2.  In order for a student to receive full credit, each answer must be given in a complete sentence.  For example, #1 is DROUGHT.  Students must make up a sentence for drought instead of just writing in the word—–The drought lasted for 2 weeks and killed the crops.