Thursday 9/14

I hope everyone had a fun day yesterday!  Today we added more multiplication facts and began our interactive notebooks.  These notebooks will be a great tool for the students throughout the year and years to come.  I hope they enjoy putting them together!


All 3 math classes have a worksheet for homework. They also can be creative in the coloring of their notebooks.  Creativity is up to them, but they need to be able to read all of the words.  🙂


6th English has workbook page 3 for homework.  Some students had already completed this page the other night.  In my book page 3 was “Count and Non-count nouns,” however, in their book it was “Concrete and Abstract” nouns which we only covered today.  Those who did it just need to check it over for corrections and those who didn’t do it are to do it tonight.  Sorry for the confusion.  🙂


Have a fantastic night!