Tuesday 9/12/17

Today in Religion, we discussed Cain and Abel.  We also began work in our workbooks.  I did several examples on the board of how to write an answer in a complete sentence.  Students can refer to pg. 5 in their workbooks for help on their homework tonight.  Students must write in a complete sentence, restating the question in order to receive full credit. 

We finished Math Scantron today during our library time.  Mrs. Redding and I are working together to find a time for students to check out books this week and also take their AR STAR test.  Once the STAR test is done, I can assign reading goals for each student.  This will be done no later than the end of next week.

Tomorrow is Grandparent’s Day! We will meet our grandparents at church.  Church begins at 9 a.m. After mass, we will come to the classrooms and do an activity.  We will have lunch with our grandparents from 11:00-11:45 and then go outside to play thereafter!  It’s going to be a great day!

Tests for the week of 9/11 (Tests will take place on Friday, 9/15/17.)

Math – Lessons 1-10

Religion – Chapter 2

Spelling – Unit 2

Reading – Comprehension and Vocabulary Test on

Homework for 9/12

Religion – Workbook pg. 6—You must write in complete sentences to receive full credit.

Math – Lesson 5, pg. 47-48, #1-17

English – workbook pg. 8