Home and School Association

Home School Association SJS Home and School Association (HSA)

Strengthening our children, families, and community
Through Faith, Hope, and Love

Our Purpose

  • Selfless acts of volunteering and service
  • Focused fundraising efforts
  • Communion with SJS Staff
  • Faith formation of our children
  • Servant Leadership

St. John’s Home & School Association is essential to the partnership between school and parents. By supporting educational programs and promoting the welfare of youth, it ensures the success of the school. Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting the organizations objectives as described in the by-laws. To encourage participation in the Home & School Association, time devoted to its activities is counted toward volunteer hours.Fundraising Events and Socials
St. John’s Home and School Association builds community, not just within the school, but parish-wide, by hosting traditional events such as the much loved annual Spaghetti Dinner and Fall Festival and new events such as the Middle School Catholic Teens Social and Dance.  Fundraising efforts to support the school include SCRIP, the annual Citrus Sale, magazine and catalog sales, and events such as weekly Sunday Bingo, Purse Bingo and Auctions.

What does the association do?

Per the Policies for Catholic Schools published by the Archdiocese of Washington in 2009, the role of the Home and School Association is to build community by hosting school events and, when appropriate, supporting the school’s fundraising goals as recommended by the School Advisory Board and the chief administrator and canonical administrator.

What do I have to do to join? 

All persons who are interested in the objectives for which this association is organized and who are willing to uphold its policies and subscribe to its by-laws may become active members. Membership of the Home and School Association includes all parents/ legal guardians of students enrolled at St. John’s School, members of the St. John’s School faculty and administration, members of the St. John’s School Advisory Board, and the pastor.

How often does the association meet? 

St. John’s Home and School Association meets quarterly. Meeting dates will be provided soon.

How do I get more information? 
Please contact an officer at the following email addresses:

President: Gabby Debons- grod2@aol.com

Vice President: Charlie Steele – cesteele80@yahoo.com

Secretary: Jennifer Martinez –themartinezfamily5@gmail.com

Marketing Chair: Michelle Connolly – mlynnconnolly@gmail.com

Treasurer: Grace Grigg – ggrigg@md.metrocast.net

Fundraising Chair: Vacant

Volunteer Chair: Vacant

Bingo Coordinators: Jenn Basta – peachy1107@gmail.com   |   Kenny Alvey – kenny.alvey78@gmail.com

or call St. John’s School at 301-373-2142.