Friday, March 22nd

All classes have no homework again tonight. Enjoy this gift ūüėä, and enjoy your weekend! All work that has been completed while I‚Äôve been out will be counted for extra credit. ūüėÉ

Tuesday, October 2nd

6th: READ L 32 and complete the PS (a-g) 7th: READ L 32 and complete the PS (a-g) 8th: Finish the problems not yet completed in the WB for Lessons 2.4 and 2.5  for the QUIZ tomorrow

December 8th

6th: Percent/Fraction/Decimal Worksheet is due on Monday РPlease finish it for HW if you did not complete it during class time today 7th:  None РFeast of the Immaculate Conception Mass today 8th: L 4.7 WB pp. 69-71 (1-21; odds) РPlease Read more

Thursday, September 7th

I apologize parents. ¬†I inadvertently sent home last year’s Back-to-School letter. ¬†I will email you the current version. I am so embarrassed about this. ¬†Please forgive me! ¬† On another note, the final math class assignments will be ready Monday, Read more