Tarea 9/20 Jueves, Thursday

El alfabeto https://www.teachertube.com/video/spanish-alphabet-marching-song-123598 5th & 6th Sign “Welcome Letter”  Due:  9/25, martes (Tuesday) Study for Alphabet retake quiz  Quiz date:  9/25, martes (Tuesday) 7th & 8th Sign “Welcome Letter”  Due: 9/25, martes (Tuesday)  

Tarea/Homework 9/11/2018

Alphabet song link https://www.teachertube.com/video/spanish-alphabet-marching-song-123598 5th Grade 6th Grade Study the alphabet for practice QUIZ . Practice Quiz 9/13  7th  &  8th  Grade Study the Spanish alphabet. Decorate the “Ave Maria” prayer sheet. Copy the following notes and place in Spanish Read more

9/4/2018 Tarea/Homework

5th Grade Study the Spanish alphabet (practice the letter names) 6th Grade Study the Spanish alphabet (practice the letter names) 7th Grade Study the Spanish alphabet (practice the letter names) 8th Grade Study the Spanish alphabet (practice the letter names) Read more

Tarea 5/22

8th Grade Quiz Thursday, May 24th Know Spanish speaking countries, their capitals and where located on the map.  7th Grade Quiz:  Tuesday,  May 29th Study Spanish speaking countries, their capitals and where located on the map.   6th Grade Quiz Thursday, Read more

5/15 Tarea

8th Grade Study Spanish speaking countries and their capitals. 7th Grade Study Spanish speaking countries and their capitals. 6th Grade Complete map and Los Paises Hispanohablantes worksheet. 5th Grade Complete map of Spanish speaking countries. Study countries and capitals of Read more

Tarea 5/1

7th Grade Adjective quiz Thursday,  5/3 Use your study guide to create flashcards or a study sheet for quiz.  Your flashcards/study sheet is homework and you will receive a grade for this assignment. 5th grade Complete pictures for the “Seasons” Read more

Tarea el 12 de abril (4/12)

8th grade Study adjectives for quiz on Tuesday, 4/17. 6th grade Study vocabulary  (adjectives) for quiz Tuesday, 4/17. Choose 2 family members Write “Como es”   5th grade Complete your “Foods”  work sheet.  Write “Me gusta” or “No me gusta”  over each Read more


8th Grade Complete estar conjugation worksheet. QUIZ  know how to conjugate the verb estar. 7th Grade Complete  worksheet “Ser Conjugation Worksheet“ 6th Grade Study for QUIZ   on conjugation of  the verb SER. QUIZ date:  Thursday,  March 8th 5th Grade Study vocabulary for Read more

Tarea 3/1/2018

8th Grade Study the conjugation of the verb SER. QUIZ        Tuesday, March 6th 7th Grade Complete the interactive worksheet for verb SER.  Remember to write the conjugations. Due Tuesday, March 6th. Be prepared to take a quiz on the Read more

Tarea 2/27

8th Grade Complete Ser conjugation worksheet practice 7th Grade Study for quiz –conjugation of ser Items for class on Thursday (3/1):  scissors, paper, colored pencils 6th Grade Quiz on Thursday–study how to conjugate the verb SER 5th Grade Review vocabulary:  Read more

Tarea 2/22

7th Grade Study the conjugation for the verb SER. Quiz Tuesday, 2/28 5th Grade Study vocabulary 6th Grade Study conjugation of the verb SER. 8th Grade No homework

Tarea 2/20

5th Grade Draw or find pictures in a magazine or internet for vocabulary words to complete your worksheets. joven—young                         bonito/a—pretty                    Read more

Tarea 1-23-20018

Homework due Jueves/Thursday  1-23-2018 5th Grade Draw a picture of your family, including pets.  Label using the Family Vocabulary we have learned in class. Binder and dividers (preferably with pockets)  needed by Tuesday, January 30th 6th, 7th & 8th Write the time Read more

Tarea 1-17-2018

ALL MISSING WORK DUE:  THURSDAY, JANUARY 18TH 5th Grade No homework. 6th Grade Subject Pronoun packets are due Thursday, January 18th! Test on Thursday, January 18th. 7th Grade ALL packets are due THURSDAY, January 18th! TEST on Thursday, January 18th. 8th Grade Read more

Tarea 1/11/2018

RETAKE  Numbers QUIZ TUESDAY, January 16th during Recess If you would like the opportunity to receive a better score on the numbers (count by one’s) quiz, be in the flex room at recess time on Tuesday, January 16th.   5th Read more

Tarea 1-2-2018

5th Study for test on body parts 6th Study for subject pronoun quiz.  Also know how to say where someone is from. Complete subject pronoun packet.  Use this as a study guide. Contra el reloj worksheet. 7th No homework 8th Read more

Tarea 12/12/17 el martes

5th   Cut out body parts labels and place in envelope if you did not finish in class. Study vocabulary for parts of the body.  You will have a test on Tuesday,  12/19. 6th Complete page 5 ONLY  of subject pronoun Read more

Tarea, jueves 12/7/2017

5th Grade Study body parts 6th Grade Page 15.  Complete section #19 of packet. 7th Grade Page 13  of packet.  Complete section #14, #15 and #16. 8th Grade No homework.