Homework 3/21

7th Grade: Converting inches to feet worksheet 8th Grade: Translating algebraic phrases worksheet 6th Grade: Bonus worksheets from test today Have a great night! Mrs. McCarthy

Homework 3/20

8th Grade: Coordinate plane and input/output table worksheets 7th Grade: Read lesson 54 and try the practice set 6th Grade: Test tomorrow…Study!! 🙂 Have a great night! Mrs. McCarthy

Homework 3/19

7th Grade: Read lesson 53 carefully complete the practice set but only a-c!! 6th Grade: Finish the study guide from class today. Test will be on Thursday. 8th Grade: Study for test, you may use a note card and a Read more

Homework 3/15

7th grade: Lesson 52 Practice set (Show your work for each step to receive full credit) and WP stars only. 8th grade: Study Guide 8 due Monday 6th grade: Lesson 64 WP stars only I hope everyone has a great Read more

Homework 3/13

7th grade: p. 295 question # 5-12 due for turn in tomorrow 8th grade: Practice set for lesson 30 and 40 from today’s packet. 6th grade Reteaching 63. Be sure to show all of your work including renaming the fraction, Read more

Homework 3/5

7th grade: Study for test on Thursday. I will be available for questions during homeroom in the morning and recess (I have duty so I will be outside). 6th grade: Study guide for test on Thursday. 8th grade: Fill out Read more

Homework 3/4

7th grade: study guide 8th grade: study guide 6th grade: Practice set and written practice stars for lesson 60 Stay healthy and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Mrs. McCarthy

Homework 3/1

7th Grade: Reteaching worksheet Lesson 50. Looking ahead your test will be next Thursday. We do not have class on Wednesday for Ash Wednesday Mass. 6th Grade: No homework. Looking ahead your test will be on next Thursday. 8th Grade: Read more

Homework 2/28

So many students have been absent recently especially since it is cold and flu season 🙁 This is a just a reminder that if you are absent, per the handbook, “Whenever a student is absent, that student is responsible for Read more

Homework 2/27

INTERIM reports went home with students today. If you received a report, please be sure you return it signed to me tomorrow. If you do not return it, you will have earned a demerit!! Do not forget 🙂 7th Grade: Read more

Homework 2/26

7th Grade: Read and Practice set for lesson 49 6th Grade: Read and practice set for lesson 57 and any unfinished classwork/reteaching 56 8th Grade: Complete the rest of WP (all the ones that are not starred) Reminder please check Read more

Homework 2/25

7th: Reteaching 48 and WP stars Lesson 48 6th: Practice set Lesson 56 8th: Practice set in packet 34 and WP stars** you must look at your book to see which numbers are the stars!!! Have a great night! Mrs. Read more

Homework 2/23

7th Grade: Reteaching worksheet 47 6th Grade: Bonus worksheets, LCM and/or Word problems 8th Grade: Packet 33 WP odds. Be sure to use your textbook for the questions. If you need a new online textbook password, please let me know. Read more

Homework 2/21

7th Grade: Individual missing work from lesson 46. You know what you have to do. If you completed all the missing work you may do the bonus work I gave you for extra credit. 6th Grade: Study for test tomorrow Read more

Homework 2/15

7th Grade: Lesson 46 Written practice stars only 6th Grade: Lesson 55 – Finish reteaching worksheet and complete written practice stars only. 8th Grade: Lesson 32 Written practice. Enjoy the long weekend!! Good Luck to our basketball teams this weekend!! Read more