Homework 10/17/17

7th Math:  Factors (A) and GCF (Greatest Common Factor) (A) worksheets…be sure to follow the example on the GCF worksheet to figure out the GCF. 8th Math: Written practice p. 33 odds 6th Math: Written practice p. 30 – 31 Read more

Homework 10/16

Sorry for the delay!! Try these problems on the new concepts we learned today. Circle any that give you trouble so we can go over them in class tomorrow.   7th Math: Practice set, a – k on page 42. Read more

Homework 10/12

7th Math has a quiz tomorrow! Please study ordering integers, number lines and equations on a number line, place value through the trillions and expanded notation. Everyone else had quizzes or papers due today. So no homework 🙂 Have a Read more

Homework 10/11

7th Math: Written Practice page 38 #s 1 – 29 odds.  Quiz on Friday.   8th Math: Study for the quiz tomorrow! Use your worksheets to review.   6th Math: Check your answers on your solving equations worksheet.  Plug your Read more

Homework 10/10

7th Math: Written Practice p. 32 # 1 – 30 evens.  We will also have a quiz Friday, on number line equations, place value (trillions) and expanded notation.   8th Math: Written Practice pgs. 28 – 29 #1 – 17 Read more

Homework 10/9

Happy Monday! 7th Math: p. 31 Practice set a-i 8th Math: p. 28-29 Written Practice #1-17 6th Math: Finish worksheet we started today in class. 6th English: Be sure to bring your rough draft to class tomorrow to finish peer Read more

Homework 10/6

Have a great weekend!!   7th Math: Finish the number line worksheet if you didn’t finish it in class today 🙂   8th Math: No homework..hope you enjoyed your trip to St. Mary’s Ryken! 6th Math: I gave you a Read more

Homework 10/5

7th Math:  Finish “Ordering Integers” worksheet   8th Math: No Homework..enjoy St. Mary’s Ryken Shadow day if you are attending that event.   6th Math: Finish “Unknown Numbers for Multiplication and Division” worksheet.   6th English: No Grammar homework. Personal Read more

Homework 10/3

Happy Tuesday!!   7th Math:  Home work tonight is to finish the worksheet we started in class and finish the practice set on page 23. Quiz on Thursday. 8th Math: Addition word problems worksheet and study for quiz tomorrow 6th Read more

Homework 10/2

Sorry for the late post!!  All practice sets should be on loose leaf or Saxon paper (the ones with the squares) with the proper heading.  We will review homework tomorrow in class and then please turn it in 🙂   Read more

Friday 9/29

Happy Friday! It was a great week to be an Eagle!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! 7th Math – There was a little confusion about the test corrections. We did go over it in class but some students Read more

Homework 9/28

Hello Middle School Parents!!  Wow what a day!!  Congratulations to you, all of our students, Mrs. McDonough, Fr. Ray, and all of our teachers and staff on our BLUE RIBBON AWARD!!!  I could not be happier to be part of Read more

Homework 9/26

All math classes have a test tomorrow!  🙂  Each class spent time today going over a study guide and last night’s homework.  Students, if you know your study guide and your homework from last night, you will do great on Read more

Homework 9/25

Happy Monday Middle School Families!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!   7th Math – There will be a test on Lesson 1 and 2 on Wednesday.  Tomorrow, in class, we will review tonight’s homework and complete a study Read more

Homework 9/20

7th Grade:  I hope all the students enjoyed the presentation today by St. Mary’s Ryken!  Since class we extremely short today, the 7th grade escaped without homework 🙂  Students, get a good rest tonight as we are picking up the Read more

Tuesday Homework 9/19

Great job on your quizzes today! 7th Math: Homework Read p. 8-10 in textbook Written practice 1-4, 7-11, 26, 27 8th Math: Homework Be the teacher!  Create 10 addition and 10 subtraction problems with 2 or 3 digit numbers.  You Read more

Homework Monday 9/18

Homework: 7th Grade Math: Quiz tomorrow on multiplication facts 0-12s Practice set p. 10 in textbook a, b, d, e, g, and j 8th Grade Math: Quiz tomorrow on multiplication facts 0-12s Worksheet (Add, Subtract, Multiply) 6th Grade Math: Quiz Read more

Happy Friday! 9/15

Happy Friday Middle School Families! We had a great week in Math!  All 3 classes spent the week reviewing and learning new strategies for multiplication. Now with this under our belts, next week we will be starting in our textbooks.  Read more

Thursday 9/14

I hope everyone had a fun day yesterday!  Today we added more multiplication facts and began our interactive notebooks.  These notebooks will be a great tool for the students throughout the year and years to come.  I hope they enjoy Read more