5/23 information

There is no homework tonight! 🙂 7th has a bonus sheet they can turn in tomorrow at the start of class. All Math classes will be participating in final projects over the next week which will mostly be completed during Read more

Homework 5/17

7th Math: No homework!  8th Math: If you did not finish test corrections, please finish them and hand them in tomorrow. 6th Math: Reteaching 53***I think the board says 54 but that is for tomorrow** sorry!!! 6th English: No homework! Read more

Homework 5/16

Parents, please be sure to check Wednesday folders for tests to be signed.  Thank you 🙂 7th Math: Practice Sets for Lessons 41 p. 299 and 42 p. 305.  This is review, please be sure to answer every problem…no ? Read more

Homework 5/14

7th: No homework since we did not have class today. 8th: Finish study guide if you did not and we will go over the 2nd page tomorrow in class. Test is on Wednesday!! 6th Math: No homework..great job on Scantron Read more

Homework 5/11

7th Math: Since we didn’t have class today, there is no homework this weekend 🙂 Remember, you will have reading Scantron on Monday!! 8th Math: Please complete the study guide.  We will go over it in class on Monday and Read more

Homework 5/9

7th Math: Practice set lesson 41 p. 299 8th Math: no homework for Confirmation practice 6th Math: Early finishers pages..You must complete 1 for a grade the other you can complete for bonus points 6th English: I was out for Read more

Homework 5/8

7th Math : No homework! Good job on Scantron today 6th Math: Test tomorrow!! 8th Math: WP lesson 44 odds 6th English: Using the process we did in class today, build a story starter sentence. Any questions please send me Read more

Homework 5/4

7th Math: Scantron on Tuesday!!  8th Math: No homework 6th Math: Scantron on Monday!!  Study guide due Tuesday! 6th English: Verb Word Search due on Tuesday for credit!! If you are absent, please come and see me for the work Read more

Homework 5/3

Reminder: Scantron will begin next week for 7th and 6th grades!! 7th: Scantron testing will begin on Tuesday.  There is no homework tonight.  No one turned in their study guide for bonus points today!! Please turn them in tomorrow if Read more

Homework 5/1

I am very sorry I didn’t update this page last night!! 🙁 7th Math: Complete study guide showing all work!!!  We will go over it in class tomorrow and your test will be on Thursday. 8th Math: Finish “Your turn” Read more