November 16

Parents,  please check in with your students to see if they need a refill of supplies.  I have had many students needing pencils and paper for class.  Being unprepared for class is a demerit and I would hate to have Read more

November 14

All classes have early finishers bonus worksheets to complete for homework. Some students did not take the test today or were unable to finish with today’s busy schedule, those students will have time tomorrow to take or finish the test. Read more

November 12

Thank you to all Veterans and their families!! Homework: 7th: Finish worksheets from class today. 6th and 8th: We did not have class today so be sure to bring your completed study guides to class for test review tomorrow.  All Read more

November 8

No School Tomorrow!! Don’t forget our Veteran’s Day assembly on Monday at 10am! 7th: Study guide is due on Monday. Your test will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. 6th: Finish study guide for Tuesday. Test is Wednesday. 8th: Study guide Read more

November 7

7th Grade: Enjoy your field trip tomorrow to SMR! We will not have class tomorrow. Your study guide is due on Monday. 8th Grade: Enjoy your field trip to SMR! We will not have class tomorrow. Your study guide is Read more

November 6

Homework: 7th: Read and complete practice set lesson 30. Since 7th is on a field trip Thursday and  no school on Friday, we will have our test Tuesday.  8th: Read and practice set lesson 30. Since 8th is on a Read more

November 5

Homework: Grade 7: Lesson 28 Read and Practice set. Some of you did this over the weekend, please check over your work, Grade 8:” Your Turn” on the handout sheets (that means both pages!!) from today. Adding/Subtracting and Multiplying/Dividing with Read more

November 2nd

Happy Friday!!  Students get some rest this weekend!!  Lots of tired faces in my classes today!!  🙂  7th: Finish Lesson 27 and final call for any missing signed test or work.  You know who you are.  If you did not Read more

November 1

Homework: 7th: Since we didn’t have class, your binder check will be tomorrow 🙂 8th: Read and practice set for Lesson 28 6th: Since we didn’t have class today, your binder check will be tomorrow 🙂 Have a great night! Read more

October 31st

Happy Halloween!! There is no homework tonight except to have your tests in your Wednesday Envelope and be sure your binder is ready for binder check tomorrow. I do still have some homework grades to finish.  I’m sorry being sick Read more

October 23

Homework tonight: 7th: Repeat Lesson 26 Practice Set.  6th: 15 minutes of math facts.  Use flash cards, make a quizlet, get a worksheet.  Write a sentence telling me what you did to study and have your parents inital it.  8th: Read more

October 29

RED SOX WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!  NO HOMEWORK! HOWEVER, if you owe me missing work before the end of the quarter…tonight would be a good night to do it!!   Have a great day! Mrs. McCarthy

October 24th

Homework: 6th: Finish your bonus worksheets 🙂 This is optional but I highly recommend you do them for some extra points..the quarter ends next Thursday! 7th and 8th:  Study!!  Both classes have a test tomorrow..please note the quarter ends next Read more

October 23rd

Homework: 7th: complete the study guide 6th: study for test tomorrow 8th: check study guide answers for test on Thursday…tomorrow you do not need to bring  your Math books to class. Since tomorrow is shadow day at St. Mary’s Ryken Read more

October 18th

**Due to Fall Festival Activities all homework (for my classes)  is due on Monday** I will not update this page tomorrow 🙂 7th: Lesson 24 Written Practice starred problems only p. 172-174. Test next week on Thursday.*This is a change Read more

October 17th

Homework: 7th: Read Lesson 24 and complete the practice set. 6th: Read Lesson 25 and complete the practice set. 8th: Be sure you have completed Lesson 23 Practice set.  Please think about what I said today…you are important and you Read more

October 16th

Parents – Please check Plus Portals for missing work.  If your student was absent, it is his/her responsibility to check the website for missing homework assignments.  Students – the quarter ends November 1st, if you are missing work, please turn Read more