Thursday 9/20

Enjoy the fair day tomorrow!!  I will see you on Monday. As I told you in class today, I will be out of school attending a training session on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  Attention all classes: There is a test Read more

Wednesday 9/19

8th Grade: Read Lesson 14, Practice set on page 94. Please circle the ones you do not understand and write a question with what it is you do not understand so you can remember why you were stuck on it.  Read more

Tuesday 9/18

If you did not read about our class last Friday, please read the September 14th post!! Click on Online Textbook below for the link to your textbook.  You must have your username and password!!! Online Textbook:  6th is Course 1, Read more

Friday 9/14

I want to apologize for the confusing homework last night.  I apparently mixed up pages in each class and we are doing things a little different this year so it was all sorts of confusing for the students. I want Read more

Thursday 9/13

8th Grade: Please have your parents sign your tests and return them tomorrow. If you took your test today, I’m sorry I forgot to give them to you before you left. I will give them back to you tomorrow during Read more

Wednesday 9/12

8th: Read in your textbook, lesson 11 about percents p. 72 and try practice set p. 75. Circle the ones you don’t understand and jot down a note with what you don’t understand 🙂  Its ok to not understand, I Read more

Tuesday 9/11

Today we remembered all those who perished on 9/11 and we prayed for those who still grieve, those who still fight, and those who still try with the grace of God to change the world to bring peace. The students Read more

Monday 9/10

Sorry for the late post tonight…. Homework is to study for your test tomorrow.  All classes have test 1 tomorrow. Great job on Scantron today!  Your tests will continue later this week. All books need to be covered and will Read more

Friday 9/7

Happy Friday! 7th grade: Use study guide 1A that we went over in class today and study for the test on Tuesday.  Turn your study guide in on Tuesday for extra credit. Scantron is on Monday.  Please get a good Read more

Thursday 9/6

All Classes: Today all classes completed review of the summer work packet and were given a study guide to complete for homework.  Students, use your summer packet to help you with the study guide.  Study guides are due at the Read more

Thursday 9/5

Homework for all classes tonight is to have the class rules and procedures letters signed.  They are in your Wed. envelopes.  I also distributed books today.  Please have these books covered no later than Monday. Study Guides is on the Read more

Tuesday 9/4

Hello Friends, There is no homework tonight!!  We will continue going over summer work tomorrow. 6th – Study Guides will be completed in class on Thursday and  the test will be on Friday. 7th  – Study Guides will be completed Read more

Thursday 8/30

Great job today my friends!!   Homework tonight all classes: Keep working on your summer packet if you have not turned it in.  It is due on Tuesday but if you turn it in earlier you will earn bonus points!! 🙂 Read more

5/23 information

There is no homework tonight! 🙂 7th has a bonus sheet they can turn in tomorrow at the start of class. All Math classes will be participating in final projects over the next week which will mostly be completed during Read more