Thursday 9/19

6th grade: Read and practice set for lesson 15. You will have a test next week on Thursday 7th grade: Read and practice set for lesson 15 and WP evens stars. You will have a test on Tuesday. 8th grade: Read more

Wednesday 9/18

6th: Read and practice set for lesson 14 7th: Read and practice set for lesson 14 8th: finish 1.8 in workbook, then in your textbook, Chapter test p.65 1-19 odds Have a great night! Mrs. McCarthy

Tuesday 9/17

Tonight is Cold Stone spirit night!! Bring the flyer and support St. John’s!! 7th: Read and practice set for lesson 13. 6th: Lesson 13 P.S. and WP stars 8th: Finish workbook for 1.7 and read 1.8 for tomorrow Have a Read more

Friday 9/13

There is SCANTRON on Monday!! You do not need to bring your math things to class!! It is reading scantron, so you do not need anything else. Please remember to eat a healthy breakfast and get a good night’s rest!! Read more

Thursday 9/12

7th Grade: Finish bonus worksheet. Read and do the practice set for lesson 11 – Percents. 6th Grade: Finish bonus worksheet. Read and do the practice set for lesson 11 – Problems about Combining and about Separating. 8th Grade: Re-read Read more

Wednesday 9/11

7th grade: Study for test. If you asked for a blank study guide, use that as an answer key to help you study. Please remember to bring your corrected study guide to class tomorrow for turn in! 6th grade: Study Read more

Tuesday 9/10

7th Grade: complete study guide 1A . We will review tomorrow and test is on Thursday!! 6th Grade: complete study guide 1A. We will review tomorrow and test test is on Thursday!! 8th Grade: Read textbook pages 21-23 and complete Read more

Friday 9/6

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend because we have SCANTRON on Monday!! Eat a good breakfast!! You do not need books, just a pencil and meet me in the computer lab 🙂 6th and 7th: We will Read more

Thursday 9/5

All classes will have Scantron for math on Monday!! Please be sure to get some rest and have a good breakfast on Monday morning. 7th grade you will not have snack time in math on Monday, I will ask Mr. Read more

Wednesday 9/4

All classes: All students need to have their book covered and have their signed letter in their binders for class tomorrow. If you did not have this done today, please for homework tonight, cover your book and get your letter Read more

Tuesday 9/3

This is Mrs. McCarthy’s page, if you are looking for Mr. Keeton’s page, you will find his homework under Mrs. Papp’s page. Thank you for your patience as we work out some details 🙂 For my class….Welcome to Accelerated Math!! Read more

Wednesday 8/28

Welcome back to math class!! There is no homework!! Parents: We worked on our placement tests today and we will continue to work on them again tomorrow. I am hoping by Friday the test will be complete and we will Read more

Homework 5/31

This is our last night of homework!!! Yay!! Both 6th and 7th have a take home test this weekend. This test is special because I am allowing you to use all of your resources including but not limited to: a Read more

Homework 5/24

8th grade: Finish the take home test your worked on today in class. Do the best that you can do!! I know you can do it! You may use all of your resources!! 🙂 Parents – the students voted to Read more

Homework 5/23

8th grade: Reteaching 55 is due tomorrow 7th grade: Reteaching 67 and spend 10-15 minutes outside thinking about your goals for 8th grade 6th: No Homework!! 🙂 Have a great night!!

Homework 5/22

8th grade: Reteaching 55..Due Friday!! Have a great field trip tomorrow!! 🙂 7th grade: Test signatures and read Lesson 67 and complete the practice set 6th grade: Reaching 81 Have a great night!!