March 15th

6th: L 83 WP pp. 577-579 (starred problems) 7th: L 83 and 84  PS p. 560 (b-e) and p. 565 (b-e) 8th: L 8.6 WB pages (7-33) – QUIZ on Lessons 8.4-8.6 on Monday  

March 14th

6th: L 82 WP pp. 571-574 (starred problems) 7th: L. 82 PS p. 553 (a-d) 8th: L 8.5 WB pages (5-9; 13-18; 22-24; 28-31)    

March 13th

6th: L 81 WP pp. 565-568 (starred problems) 7th: L 81 WP pp. 547-549 (starred problems) 8th: L. 8.4 WB pages (4-12; 16-21; 25-33; and 35)  

March 12th

6th: None – There was a test today. 7th: None – There was a test today. 8th: Extra Credit Worksheets (optional)  

March 9th

6th: STUDY for TEST on Monday 7th: STUDY for TEST on Monday 8th: None 🙂 – (Quiz today)  

March 8th

6th: Practice Test – TEST will be on Monday 7th: Practice Test – TEST will be on Monday 8th: L 8. 3 WB pp. 123-124 (1-18; 22-24) AND #25 will be for Extra Credit – QUIZ tomorrow  

March 7th

6th: L 80 p. 555 PS (a-d) AND finish Transformations Worksheet 7th: L 80 pp. 534-535 PS (a-k) 8th: L 8.2 WB pp. 121-122 (7-21; #’s 3 and 6 are for Extra Credit)    

March 6th

6th: L 79 pp. 547-549 PS (a-b) AND WP (starred problems) 7th: L 79 pp. 528-529 PS (a-d) AND WP (starred problems) 8th: WB pp. 119-120 (1-16)    

March 5th

6th: L 78  p. 542 PS (a-e) and WP (starred problems) 7th: L 78 pp. 522-523 PS (a-d) and WP (starred problems) 8th: None 🙂  

March 1st

6th: L 77 “What Number is…?” percent of a number worksheets 7th: L 77 WP pp. 517-518 (starred problems) AND PS (a-d) 8th: TEST today and tomorrow – None 🙂  

February 28th

6th: L 76 PS p. 531 (a-f) 7th: L 76 PS p. 511 (a-e) 8th: STUDY for TEST/QUIZ tomorrow – may use 4X6 Notecard for the test 🙂    

February 27th

Well, I do apologize for my absence of posting!  Apparently, I am NOT immune to these viruses going around.  Who knew!  Well, I tried to come back today, but my wise colleagues sent me home (they might have even added Read more

February 22nd

6th: L 75 p. 526 PS (a-e) 7th: L 74 PS p. 499 (a-f) AND L 75 PS p. 504 (a-e) 8th: L 7.4 and L 7.5 WB pp. 113-118 (4-16; evens) for BOTH lessons  

February 21st

NO HOMEWORK tonight for anyone! 🙂  Come out and support our Girls Varsity Basketball team in their championship game against ANS!!!  GO EAGLES!!!

February 20th

6th: L 73 PS pp. 514-515 (a-n) 7th: L 72 PS p. 488 (a-h) 8th: L 7.4 WB pp. 113-115 (3-17) AND (#2 is for Extra Credit) – NEXT QUIZ will be on Thursday  

February 16th

6th: L 72 WP (starred problems) AND EF for EC 7th: L 71 PS pp. 482-483 (a-d) 8th: L 7.3 WB pp. 111-112 (1-24) AND TEST & QUIZ Corrections (To receive credit for corrections, students MUST turn them in on Tuesday)  

February 15th

ALL CLASSES:  I was out of the building today for a meeting.  All of the worksheets the students completed during class will be counted for EXTRA CREDIT.  Students DO NOT need to finish these worksheets for homework unless they would Read more

February 14th

6th: L 71 p. 504 PS (a-e) 7th: Ash Wednesday Mass was during our class time today – No HW 8th: Lessons 7.1 and 7.2 HW Corrections  

February 13th

6th: None 🙂 7th: None 🙂 8th: L 7.2 WB p. 109 (1-18) = QUIZ on Lessons 7.1 and 7.2 will be TOMORROW – small index card will be allowed  

February 12th

6th: STUDY for the TEST tomorrow 7th: STUDY for the TEST tomorrow 8th: READ Lesson 7.1 and complete the WB pages 107-108 (1-28) – This is a review from pre-algebra. 🙂