Wednesday, March 20th

6th: READ L 93 and complete the PS (a-h) on p. 645 7th: READ L 93 and complete the PS (a-g) on p. 626 8th: READ L 8.4 and complete the GP (1-6)

Tuesday, March 19th

6th: READ L 92 and complete the PS (a-e) 7th: READ L 92 and complete the PS (a–k) 8th: STUDY for QUIZ on Lessons 8.1-8.3 tomorrow – may use an index card

Monday, March 18th

6th: READ L 91 and complete the PS (a-f) on p. 632 7th: READ L 91 and complete the PS (a-h) on p. 613 8th: None tonight due to Camp Maria Retreat tomorrow – QUIZ moved to WEDS. – MAY use index card

Friday, March 15th

6th: STUDY for TEST on Monday 7th: STUDY for TEST on Monday 8th: READ L 8.3 and complete the GP (1-6 only) – QUIZ on 8.1-8.3 on TUESDAY

Wednesday, March 13th

6th: READ L 90 and complete the PS p. 620 (a-i) – TEST next Monday 7th: READ L 90 and complete the PS pp. 602-603 (a-j) – TEST next Monday 8th: READ L 8.1 and complete the GP (1-5) 

Tuesday, March 12th

6th: READ L 89 and complete the PS (a-f) – TEST will be next Monday 7th: READ L 89 and complete the PS (a-d) – ON GRAPH PAPER – TEST will be next Monday 8th: STUDY for Ch. 7 TEST tomorrow – may use 4x6 index card

Friday, March 8th

6th: READ L 87 and 88 and complete the PS (L 87) (a-d) and PS (L 88) (a-i) 7th: READ L 87 and 88 and complete the PS (L 87) (a-d) and PS (L 88) (a-i) 8th: Ch. 7 Benchmark Read more

Thursday, March 7th

6th: None 🙂 7th: None 🙂 8th: None 🙂 Come out tonight to cheer on our Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Basketball teams in their championship games!!!! Games are at 6:00 (Girls) and 7:15 (Boys) at Kings Christian Academy

Tuesday, March 5th

6th: Practice Test – TEST on Thursday 7th: Practice Test – TEST on Thursday 8th: READ L 7.5 and complete the GP (1-5) – next TEST on WEDS next week

Monday, March 4th

6th: READ L 85 and complete the PS p. 589 (a-h) 7th: READ L 85 and complete the PS p. 570 (a-e) 8th: GP for L 7.4 (4-6) – QUIZ on Thursday on Lessons 7.3-7.5

Tuesday, February 26th

6th: READ L 81 and complete the WP (starred problems) EF is for EC 7th:READ L 81 and complete the WP (starred problems) 8th: READ L 7.2 and complete the GP (1-8 only) – QUIZ on 7.1 & 7.2 THURS

Thursday, February 21st

6th:L 80 PS (p. 555) – TEST will be on Tuesday 7th: L 80 PS (pp. 534-535) – Problems on POLYNOMIALS only – TEST will be on Tuesday 8th: STUDY for the Ch. 6 TEST tomorrow – may use an index card

Tuesday, February 19th

6th: READ L 80 and be prepared to discuss tomorrow in class – TEST scheduled for NEXT Monday 7th: READ L 80 and complete only the PS problems on MIXED MEASURES – TEST scheduled for NEXT Monday 8th: Ch 6 Read more