Summer Work 2018

The following is the summer work for the 2018/19 school year, Accelerated Math Classes with Mrs. Papp.    PLEASE do not complete the entire contents of the packet in one sitting, and PLEASE do not complete this packet too early Read more

June 4th

No HW in any of Mrs. Papp’s classes….I am collecting all textbooks, and we are cleaning out our binders, etc. during class today!  Happy beginning of the last week! 🙂

June 1st

Happy June!!!  No Homework this weekend for anyone in Mrs. Papp’s classes!  Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!  🙂

May 31st

6th: L 108 WP pp. 755-758 (starred problems) 7th: None 🙂 – TEST was today 8th: Farewell, 8th graders!!!!  Best wishes for a restful summer break and a fabulous first year in high school!  

May 30th

6th: None 🙂 7th: STUDY for TEST tomorrow – #3 will be for extra credit on TEST 8th: None 🙂  

May 29th

6th: L 106 PS p. 741 (a-g) 7th: Practice Test 20A – TEST will be Thursday 8th: None 🙂 – 8th Grade Trip today

May 24th

6th: STUDY – TEST tomorrow 7th: L 103 PSp. 688 (a-c) 8th: Ch. 9 Review – TEXT p. 653 (1-20)  

May 23rd

6th: Practice Test – TEST is on Friday 7th: READ Lesson 103 and EXAMPLES on Box and Whisker Plots 8th: Ch. 8 Review –  TEXT p. 563 (1-31)  

May 22nd

6th: L 105 PS p. 735 (a-g) – TEST will be on Friday 7th: L 102 PS pp. 682-683 (a-d) AND WP pp. 683-685 (starred problems) 8th: TEXT p. 489 (1-22; ALL) – Ch. 7 Review

May 21st

6th: L 104 PS p. 727 (a-d) AND WP pp. 727-730 (starred problems and #9) 7th: L 101 PS pp. 677-678 (a-e) 8th: TEXT  p. 361 (2-30; evens) AND p. 427 (2-26; evens, AND #29)  

May 18th

6th: L 103 PS p. 72o (a-m) 7th: TEST Corrections, if necessary 8th: TEXT – Ch. 3 p. 215 (2-22; evens) AND Ch. 4 p. 291 (2-16; evens)

May 17th

6th: Simplifying Expressions Packet 7th: None 🙂 – We had our TEST today 8th: TEXT p. 65 (2-20; evens) and p. 139 (2-34; evens) – Review for the Validation Exam  

May 16th

6th: L 102 PS pp. 713-714 (a-j) 7th: STUDY for the TEST tomorrow 8th: None 🙂 – We finished the TEST today.  

May 15th

6th: Finish Equation WS if you did not complete it during class today 7th: We did not meet for class today – TEST will be on Thursday 8th: TEST continued tomorrow  

May 14th

6th: None – We had Scantron testing today 🙂 7th: None – TEST will be on Wednesday 🙂 8th: STUDY for the TEST tomorrow – You MAY use an index card 🙂  

May 11th

6th: Finish WS from class today – DUE Monday 7th: NO CLASS – May Procession was today 🙂 – Don’t forget, though, PRACTICE TEST is due Monday! 8th: Finish Ch. Test in TEXT p.653 (1-21) – DUE Monday  

May 10th

6th: L 101 PS p.707 (a-e) AND WP (#’s 10, 13, 20, 23a, and 23b) – DUE Monday 7th: Practice Test – DUE Monday – TEST will be Weds.  8th: FINISH Quiz 9.3 – DUE  Monday   

May 9th

6th: None 🙂 – Test was today 7th: None 🙂 – We did our work in class today 🙂 8th: QUIZ tomorrow (Lessons 9.7-9.9) – OPEN Book due to Confirmation Rehearsal tonight  

May 8th

6th: STUDY for the TEST tomorrow 7th: None – Scantron Testing today 8th: L 9.9 WB  pp. 155-156 (1-8) – QUIZ (open book) on THURSDAY