Thursday, January 10th

6th: Practice Test – TEST on Monday 7th: Practice Test – TEST on Monday 8th: None 🙂 – We will finish Lesson 5.4 tomorrow and the QUIZ will be moved to Monday – A 3×5 index card may be used for the Read more

Wednesday, January 9th

6th: READ L 65 and complete the PS (a-d) AND the Written Practice (starred problems) – TEST on Monday 7th: READ L 65 and complete the Written Practice (starred problems) – TEST on Monday 8th: READ L 5.4 and complete WB pages 81-83 (1-18) Read more

Tuesday, January 8th

6th: READ L 64 and PS (a-i) – TEST on Monday 7th: READ L 64 and PS (a-g) – TEST on Monday 8th: READ L 5.3 and WB pp. 78-80 (2-32; evens)

Monday, January 7th

6th: None 🙂 – Scantron Testing today 7th: None 🙂 – Scantron Testing today 8th: None 🙂 – Scantron Testing today – REMEMBER: QUIZ tomorrow on Lesson 5.1 and 5.2  

Thursday, January 3rd

WELCOME BACK, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ALL MATH CLASSES WILL HAVE SCANTRON TESTING ON MONDAY DURING YOUR MATH PERIOD. 6th: READ L 62 and complete the PS (a-i) 7th: READ L 62 and complete the PS (a-f) 8th: READ L 5.2 and complete Read more

Thursday, December 20th

We’re almost there!  Here’s to a happy Christmas Craft Day for our school today, and to a successful Christmas Para Liturgy for K and 1st Grade tomorrow as we round out our week and excitedly prepare for Christmas Break! Enjoy Read more

Tuesday, December 18th

6th: TEST Corrections, if applicable 7th: None 🙂 8th: TEST tomorrow, if in NJHS & you were on the field trip today- Finish Test if you did not complete it today  

Monday, December 17th

6th: None 🙂 – TEST was today 7th: None 🙂 – TEST was today 8th: Chapter 4 Review in textbook (odds) – to study for Ch. 4 TEST tomorrow  

Tuesday, December 12th

6th: READ L 60 and complete the PS (a-i) – TEST Monday 7th: READ L 60 and complete the PS (a-f) – TEST Monday 8th: Chapter Review in the TEXT pp. 287-290 (2-22; evens) – TEST  on TUESDAY