October 18th

6th: None 🙂 7th: None 🙂 8th: STUDY Lessons 2.6-2.8 to finish QUIZ tomorrow – OPEN BOOK TEST will now be on MONDAY  

October 17th

6th: Study for Test tomorrow – Re-Work your Practice Test 7th: Study for Test tomorrow – Re-Work your Practice Test 8th: L 2.8 WB p. 32 (1-18) – QUIZ tomorrow –  OPEN BOOK TEST on FRIDAY MONDAY  

October 16th

6th: Practice Test – TEST on WEDS. 7th: Practice Test – TEST on WEDS. 8th: L 2.6 WB pp. 28-29 (1-21; odds) AND L 2.7 WB pp. 30-31 (1-23; odds) – QUIZ will be WEDS. and TEST will be FRIDAY  

October 13th

6th: L 35 PS p. 251 (a-q) – TEST next WEDS. 7th: L 35 PS pp. 233-234 (a-k) – TEST next WEDS. 8th: Lesson 2.4 and 2.5 HW Corrections  AND QUIZ CORRECTIONS – next QUIZ will be on WEDS  

October 12th

6th: L 34 PS pp. 243-244 (a-j) – TEST next Weds. 7th: L 34 PS p. 226 (a-j) – TEST next Weds. 8th: L 2.5 WB pp. 26-27 (1-21) – QUIZ tomorrow on Lessons 2.4 and 2.5  

October 6th

6th: None 🙂 – TEST was today 7th: None 🙂 – TEST was today 8th: None 🙂 – St. Mary’s Ryken Shadow Day today – QUIZ on Monday  

October 5th

6th: STUDY for TEST tomorrow 7th: STUDY for TEST tomorrow 8th: L 2.3 WB  pp. 22-23 (1-22) – QUIZ on Monday

October 4th

6th: Practice Test – TEST is on Friday 7th: Practice Test – TEST is on Friday 8th: Worksheet (5-12; 17-24) AND L 2.2 WB pp. 20-21 (1-23; odds) – QUIZ is on Monday (Due to SMR visit on Fri)  

October 3rd

6th: L 30 PS p. 213 (a-i) – TEST is on Friday 7th: L 30 PS p. 194 (a-j) – TEST is on Friday 8th: L 2.1 WB pp. 18-19 (2-22; evens) – QUIZ is on Friday  

October 2nd

6th: L 29 p. 204 PS (a-h) – TEST Friday 7th: L 29 p. 188 PS (a-f) – TEST Friday 8th: ALG TEXTBOOK p. 70 Ch. 2 Pre-Req Skills (1-13) – Next QUIZ Friday  

September 29th

6th: L 28 PS pp. 196-197 (a-f) 7th: L 28 PS p.183 (a-j) 8th: Ch. 1 Review TEXTBOOK pp. 58-63 (1-43; odds) to STUDY for TEST on Monday, Skip 35 and 37  

September 28th

6th: L 27 PS p. 191 (a-h) 7th: L 27 PS p. 178 (a-h) 8th: HW  corrections for Lesson 1.7 and 1.8 AND Ch. 1 Review TEXTBOOK pp. 59-63 (2-44; evens)  NOTE: SKIP 36-38 (as we did not cover that lesson) – TEST Read more

September 27th

Parents, The first quizzes and tests were difficult for some students.  Please encourage your student to  SHOW their work.  They will earn 5 additional percentage points AND they will increase their chances of getting partial credit on incorrect answers. 6th: L Read more

September 26th

6th Grade: None  7th Grade: None Algebra: L 1.7 WB pp. 13-14 (1-13)  – Next QUIZ is Thursday – First TEST will be Monday

September 25th

6th Grade: STUDY for TEST tomorrow 7th Grade: STUDY for TEST tomorrow Algebra: HW Corrections on Lessons 1.4 and 1.5   

September 21st

6th Grade: Practice Test – Due Monday  TEST TUESDAY 7th Grade: Practice Test – Due Monday  TEST TUESDAY Algebra: L 1.5 WB pp. 9-10 (1-8)  QUIZ MONDAY Enjoy your Friday off of school…I hope you all can make it to Read more

September 20th

6th Grade: L 25 PS pp. 178-179 (a-i)  TEST on TUESDAY 7th Grade: L. 25 READ Lesson 25 and complete the PS on p.167 (a-i)  TEST on TUESDAY Algebra: L 1.4 WB pp. 7-8 (1-21) Next QUIZ on MONDAY

September 19th

6th Grade: Parents, Ask your student about Multiple Monster and Factor Ninja today.  We learned how to use these methods to find the LCM (least common multiple) and GCF (greatest common factor).. HW: L 24 p. 172 PS (a-h)  FIRST Read more