Tarea 5/28/2019

7th grade Complete worksheets (descriptions) pp.13-16 6th grade Study for subject pronoun retake quiz (5/30) 5th grade Study for body parts retake quiz (5/30). IF you do not need to retake the quiz, please have a book to read, homework Read more

Tarea 5-23-2019

5th grade Quiz retake: Thursday 5-30-2019  las orejas –ears el pelo–hair los brazos–arms la cabeza–head la nariz–nose la cara–face los dedos–fingers los ojos–eyes los pies–feet la boca–mouth las manos–hands las piernas–legs 6th grade Quiz retake (subject pronouns): 5-30-2019 (Thursday) 7th Read more

Tarea 5-21-2019

5th grade Quiz Retake 5-23 (Thursday) If you received less than 84% you may retake the quiz on body parts. 6th grade Quiz retake 5-23 (Thursday)     If you received below 84% you may retake the Subject Pronoun quiz 7th grade   Read more

Tarea 14 de mayo

7th & 8th Grades Continue to study descriptions, subject pronouns, numbers. Your choice. 6th Grade New Quiz date: Thursday, May 14th 5th Grade Quiz: Thursday, May 14th Body vocabulary

Tarea 9 de mayo 2019

7th & 8th Grades No homework 6th Grade Study for Quiz on Subject Pronouns : May 14th, Tuesday   5th Grade Study body vocabulary: Quiz on Thursday, May 16th

Tarea 2 de mayo 2019

7th & 8th grade Quiz: Tuesday, May 7th –vocabulary (descriptions) 5th grade Complete note cards for matching game. Study new vocabulary: the body Quiz on the body: Thursday, May 9th.                                                                    6th grade Complete page 5 of worksheet: Activities #12, Read more

Tarea 30 de abril 2019

7th & 8th Grades Make flashcards or study sheet for new vocabulary-DESCRIPTIONS 6th Grade Make a study sheet or flashcards for all subject pronouns. 5th Grade Study numbers 1-100

28 de Marzo

7th & 8th Grades Study for Test. Use notes and worksheets for review. Tuesday, April 2 (4/2) 6th Grade Study new vocabulary. Use your notes. 5th Grade Use the link to study numbers 1-100 http://www.senorjordan.com/numbers-lesson-0-100/

Tarea 19 de Marzo

7th & 8th Grades SER Quiz retake March 21st (Thursday) If you wish to retake the quiz, this is the ONLY day offered. Study for upcoming test: Ask someone’s name (formal and informal), ask who someone is, say your name, Read more

Tares 14 de marzo

7th & 8th Grades 3/19 Martes (Tuesday) Ser quiz retakes 7th grade  Complete homework packet.  Study conjugation of the verb “ser”. 8th Grade Study the conjugation of verb “ser” and when and how to use the conjugation (refer to packets, worksheets, and notes), greetings/goodbyes, numbers. 6th Grade Study Read more

Tarea 2/14/2019

7th & 8th Study how to conjugate the verb SER and the translation of each conjugation. Refer to your notes. 6th Grade Review Greetings 5th Grade No homework

Tarea 2/12/2019

Helpful links: Numbers 1-100 http://www.senorjordan.com/numbers-lesson-0-100/ 7th & 8th QUIZ 2/14 THURSDAY Conjugation of the verb SER 5th & 6th  Review greetings

Tarea 5 de febrero

5th & 6th Grades Complete test correction worksheet. Corrections due Tuesday, 2/7. 7th & 8th Grades Study for pronoun test 2/7 (Thursday) Due: Pronoun packets (1 and 2) Seis activity sheet

7th & 8th Grades Complete all worksheets in the pronoun packet. Packet due on Tuesday, 2/5 Test on subject pronouns, Thursday, 2/7 5th Grade Complete test correction worksheet. Corrections due Tuesday, 2/5. 6th Grade Study numbers

Tarea 24 de enero 2019

The following links will assist in learning to count 1-100 and greetings and goodbyes/ 1-100 http://www.senorjordan.com/numbers-lesson-0-100/ Greetings and goodbyes Basic Conversation – Greetings and Goodbyes 7th & 8th Quiz Thursday, 1/31 Study subject pronouns 5th & 6th Study Greetings and Read more

El 22 de enero: Tarea

5th Grade Prepare for Test on Weather and seasons vocabulary. Turn in homework from Thursday, 1/17 if you did not turn it in today. 6th Grade Test: Thursday, 1/24 Study weather and seasons vocabulary 7th and 8th Complete first page of pronoun Read more