Homework 5/31

This is our last night of homework!!! Yay!! Both 6th and 7th have a take home test this weekend. This test is special because I am allowing you to use all of your resources including but not limited to: a Read more

Homework 5/23

8th grade: Reteaching 55 is due tomorrow 7th grade: Reteaching 67 and spend 10-15 minutes outside thinking about your goals for 8th grade 6th: No Homework!! 🙂 Have a great night!!

Homework 5/22

8th grade: Reteaching 55..Due Friday!! Have a great field trip tomorrow!! 🙂 7th grade: Test signatures and read Lesson 67 and complete the practice set 6th grade: Reaching 81 Have a great night!!

Homework 5/21

8th grade: Reteaching 54 7th grade: unfinished work from class today. You should have finished the test bonus work, Lesson 66 practice set and reteaching 66. 6th grade: Bonus work – the number find sheet is on the harder side…do Read more

Homework 5/20

8th grade: finish reteaching 53 7th grade: bonus worksheets, if you did not finish your test you may do so tomorrow during class time 6th grade: study for test tomorrow Have a great night! Mrs. McCarthy

Homework 5/17

8th grade: Reteaching 52 – I am collecting this for a grade…read your lesson carefully 7th grade: Study for test on Monday!! 6th grade: Practice set Lesson 80 (a and b) and Study guide for review on Monday for test Read more

Homework 5/15

Reminder** you still should write down in your agenda what is for homework…..this is a backup and you have to keep track of what you did or did not finish from the homework assigned in the previous class when we Read more

Homework 5/15

I hope you all enjoyed the game today!! Please be sure all work that was assigned earlier this week is complete for class tomorrow 🙂 8th: bonus work and test corrections 7th: study guide for test next Monday 6th: WP Read more

Homework 5/14

8th grade: test corrections and bonus work (last chance) is due on Thursday 7th grade: study guide is due on Thursday…test is moved to Monday 6th grade: no homework Have a great night!

Homework 5/13

Since we did not have regular math classes today, there is no additional homework tonight. Please be sure you check Friday’s post for homework that was assigned over the weekend. Thanks and have a great night!

Homework 5/10

8th grade: finish the bonus worksheet. It is not due until Tuesday and for those of you in Safety Patrol on field trip on Tuesday please drop it off on your way out the door. This will help me get Read more

Homework 5/9

8th grade: test tomorrow. You may bring 1 note card and a calculator for the test. 7th grade: Study guide…your test will not be until next Thursday because of field trips next week, however, we will review tomorrow. 6th grade: Read more

Homework 5/8

8th grade: study guide, test Friday 7th grade: Reteaching 65, test most likely will be on Monday depending on how long it take for us to do the study guide review. 6th grade: Practice set lesson 71 Have a great Read more

Homework 5/7

8th Grade: There is no homework tonight to celebrate our students making Confirmation tonight! Congratulations to you all 🙂 7th Grade: Lesson 64 practice set, since we didn’t finish it in class today. 6th Grade: No homework. Thank you to Read more

Homework 5/6

7th grade: no homework. Friday’s HW is due tomorrow since you had Scantron today 6th grade: no homework. Friday’s HW is due tomorrow since you had Scantron today 8th grade: try practice set for lesson 49 Have a great night!