6 R- Gospel 7 R- Gospel 8 R- Saint Paper- Prove why your assigned Father/Doctor of the Church should be considered a Father/Doctor. Test Wed. (No Gospel Assignment 6 SS- none 7 SS- none 8 SS- none

Oct. 22-26

Spelling: (Mon-Wed): complete Tic, Tac, Toe wksheet (due Thursday, 10/25) *** Spelling (“silent 3” words) & Unit 1 religion test on Thursday 10/25 Math: (math hmwk due the next day) Monday-30B FACT homework & 30B homework Tuesday- 31B FACT homework Read more

6 SS- Egypt Notes

Egypt The Nile 4,000 mile river that runs north through east Africa and dumps into the Mediterranean Nubia A region on the upper part (south) of the nile Contains six important rapids that impede travel Upper Nubia More rain that Read more


6 R- none 7 R- none 8 R- Test Wed. St. Essay due Monday (Prove to me that your assigned saint is worthy of the title of Doctor/Father of the Church) 6 SS- none 7 SS- none 8 SS- none

Tarea 10/18

Helpful links Numeros 0-39 Number song Numeros 0-100 El alfabeto 8th Grade Test Tuesday, 10/23 Greetings/Goodbyes Identify Formal/Informal phrases Identify or create logical conversation numbers 7th Grade Study Greetings & Goodbyes, numbers and the alphabet 6th Read more

8th Grade Homeroom Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Student Council Officers: Marielle Woolford-President Catie Kolwey-Vice President Paul Baden-Treasurer Nathalie Yi-Secretary Marissa Knapp-Historian Fall Festival is TOMORROW!!  Looking forward to the 8th grade picture on the hayride!!!  It is a NON-UNIFORM day!!  Read more

Thursday, October 18th

6th: READ L 40 and complete the PS (a-e) – TEST will be next Wednesday 7th: Finish CW activity – Calculate the area of your circle by (1.) counting the squares inside your circle on the graph paper and (2.) using the Read more

October 18th

**Due to Fall Festival Activities all homework (for my classes)  is due on Monday** I will not update this page tomorrow 🙂 7th: Lesson 24 Written Practice starred problems only p. 172-174. Test next week on Thursday.*This is a change Read more

October 17th

Homework: 7th: Read Lesson 24 and complete the practice set. 6th: Read Lesson 25 and complete the practice set. 8th: Be sure you have completed Lesson 23 Practice set.  Please think about what I said today…you are important and you Read more

8th Grade Homeroom Student Council speeches/elections are tomorrow at 1:00 Fall Festival is THIS Friday!!  Looking forward to the 8th grade picture on the hayride!!! The Confirmation Retreat will be March 25th and 26th.  More details to come. 8th Grade’s Read more

Wednesday, October 17th

6th: READ L 39 and complete the PS (a-f) AND finish the * problems from L 38 that was CW today – TEST on Monday 7th: READ L 39 and complete the PS (a-m) – TEST on Monday 8th: L 3.2 WB (1-24)  Read more

Tarea 10/17

Helpful links Numeros 0-39 Number song Numeros 0-100 El alfabeto 5th Grade 10/18/2018  THURSDAY Number quiz 1-20 6th, 7th & 8th Study:   Greetings/Goodbyes, Numbers and Alphabet      

Thurs 10/19

Welcome to Mrs. Taylor’s Web Page It’s my goal to post helpful info,important reminders, and homework for ALL my classes on this page.   Homework Your student should be maintaining a homework agenda, writing down HW at school. I do Read more