ART: 1st and 2nd Marking Period Study: Cultural Art of the World

Hello Artists! Let me introduce you to our 1st and 2nd (yes, 2nd) Marking Period Studies for the 2018-2019 school year: Cultural Art of the World. I’m also calling it “[Art] Around the World in 80 Days”. This exploration of art is so huge that I feel like we have to spend a whole semester getting into it, and yet it still won’t cover it all.

Image result for african masks         African Mask

Each continent has its own distinct cultural footprint to add to the art world; Ceremonial Masks from Africa, Aboriginal sand painting from Australia, Mandala’s from India, Jewelry from Native North Americans, Textiles from the Incas in South America, Relief Sculptures from Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and glyphs like those found in the Aztec Sun Stone in Mexico (which, no, was not the end of the world predictor)!

And. So. Many. More. We will hit on some of these fun places, exploring the world and the art in it!!

Some of our projects may include: paper mache, jewelry making, batiks, boomerangs, masks, pottery, relief sculpture, and more.

For further learning fun, check out these youtube videos:

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Guide to Machu Picchu for Children: Lost City of the Inca for Kids

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Elementary Art: West African Masks


1479 Stein der fünften Sonne, sog. Aztekenkalender, Ollin Tonatiuh anagoria.JPGImage result for australian aboriginal art

Image result for machu picchu

Image result for north american dreamcatcher