Friday 9/29/17

  HOMEROOM:If you have not paid for your field trip, please do so by Monday. Chaperones–waiver forms went home with your student today. PLEASE return asap. If $5 is owed it is indicated on top right corner of form. Thank Read more

7 SS- Rome Notes Updated

Rome 700BC-476AD Geography Located in central Italy along the Tiber R. Original city built on 7 hills (for defence) Near the sea Fertile soil, and fresh water Origins 2 Legends Romulus and Remus- Capitoline Wolf Aeneas- settled by a Trojan Read more

8 SS Notes- N. American Competition

North American Competition Religious Rivalries The rising impact of the Protestant reformation begins to affect European relations in the 1530s European Kingdoms align themselves either with the Catholic Church or a Protestant one England begins its own church under Henry Read more


6 R- Gospel Assignment, Test Monday 7 R- Weekly Mass Reading Assignment 8 R- Weekly Mass Reading Assignment 6 S- none 7 S- none 8 S- none

Friday 9/29

Happy Friday! It was a great week to be an Eagle!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! 7th Math – There was a little confusion about the test corrections. We did go over it in class but some students Read more

September 29th

6th: L 28 PS pp. 196-197 (a-f) 7th: L 28 PS p.183 (a-j) 8th: Ch. 1 Review TEXTBOOK pp. 58-63 (1-43; odds) to STUDY for TEST on Monday, Skip 35 and 37  

Friday, September 29th

I apologize for my lack of posts the last 2 days.  Things have been crazy and exciting around here and for great reason!  If you haven’t heard, SJS has been named a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence!!!  This Read more

Tarea 9/28

5th Grade Study your new vocabulary and vocabulary from previous weeks!   6th, & 7th  Grades Make flashcards or a trifold study sheet.  Options:  Type and print Spanish vocabulary word list to cut out and paste onto a note card. Read more

Thurs 9/28

SPELLING NOTE Gr 6 & 7: If your student got less than an 85 on their spelling test I highly recommend they write each word on the current list carefully, 5 times each, tonight in preparation for the test on Read more

Homework 9/28

Hello Middle School Parents!!  Wow what a day!!  Congratulations to you, all of our students, Mrs. McDonough, Fr. Ray, and all of our teachers and staff on our BLUE RIBBON AWARD!!!  I could not be happier to be part of Read more

September 29th

Today, our school earned the 2017 National Blue Ribbon Award!!! Homework -Reading- Read 20 minutes, reading log -Spelling- 1 activity, study for unit 3 quiz

Thursday, 9/28

HAPPY BLUE RIBBON THURSDAY! We are so elated to have become a BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE!  What a wonderful day for our SJS Family! Tomorrow is a brown bag lunch day due to purse bingo set up. Students wrote Read more

September 28th

6th: L 27 PS p. 191 (a-h) 7th: L 27 PS p. 178 (a-h) 8th: HW  corrections for Lesson 1.7 and 1.8 AND Ch. 1 Review TEXTBOOK pp. 59-63 (2-44; evens)  NOTE: SKIP 36-38 (as we did not cover that lesson) – TEST Read more

September 27th

Parents, The first quizzes and tests were difficult for some students.  Please encourage your student to  SHOW their work.  They will earn 5 additional percentage points AND they will increase their chances of getting partial credit on incorrect answers. 6th: L Read more

Wednesday, 9/27

We are halfway there!  Happy Wednesday! Wednesday folders came home today.  The English test WILL NOT be in the Wednesday folder.  I handed the tests out today and went over the answers with the class.  Students who were happy with Read more

Wednesday 9/27

SPELLING NOTE Gr 6 & 7: If your student got less than an 85 on their spelling test I highly recommend they write each word on the current list carefully, 5 times each, both tonight and tomorrow night, in preparation Read more