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Student Council 2018/2019

The Associated Student Body of St. John’s School consists of a Board of Commissioners and a Student Council. Students are elected as an officer or appointed as a commissioner for a term of one year to serve their fellow students, the school, and the community in various ways. Student Council officers are required to maintain a B average.
The purpose of the Student Council is:

  1. To promote good citizenship
  2. To encourage a high standard of scholarship
  3. To arouse school spirit
  4. To demonstrate the practical application of democracy
  5. To encourage students to respect justice and peace
  6. To grow as a community, respecting others’ opinions and supporting one another
  7. To prepare students to serve their community with Christian values
  8. To advance the welfare of the school and its members
  9. To help students become respected citizens and active members of the faith community

Co-curricular activities that involve student council include supporting various charities, hosting middle school socials, encouraging recycling efforts, and participating in the St. Mary’s Association of Student Councils.

Officers Names for 2018-2019 School Year:
President: Marielle Woolford
Vice-President: Catie Kolwey
Secretary: Nathalie Yi
Treasurer: Paul Baden
Historian: Marissa Knapp
8th Grade: Dylan Young
7th Grade: Matthew Seep
6th Grade: Rawlins Don-Simmons
5th Grade: Nigel Haley
4th Grade: Kendall Coughlin
3rd Grade: Samantha Ramthun
Faculty Co-Advisors: Mrs. Engel & Mrs. Rice
Stay tuned for upcoming events!!

Historian: Kennedy Dobson

Student Council

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