Bingo at St Johns School

St. John’s Sunday Night Bingo

Bingo has proven to be our number one fundraiser for the school. Because of your extraordinary efforts, we have been able to hire exceptional teachers, improve our classrooms, and provide iPads for use in the classroom. Many thanks go out to all who have shown up to do their part and work their scheduled Bingo.

Each family is expected to fulfill their Bingo commitment. It is important that you work your scheduled night. If for some reason you cannot work your assigned night, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. You may swap with another parent you know, or seek one by joining our Bingo Swap Facebook page. Family members other than parents can work bingo in a parent’s place, but no one under age 18 is allowed to work at bingo, in the kitchen or on the floor. Please send the Team leader and Mrs. McDonough the name of your replacement. The penalty for not working you Bingo is $500.00 per each bingo night

All families are required to work no more than 6 bingos per year (number of bingos to be worked will be determined by the number of families registered).

Please email Jennifer Basta or Kenny Alvey ( with any questions.

If you need a brush-up on the games of bingo and what is needed of a bingo floor worker, please see the new BINGO TRAINING. To make the bingo games run smoothly, it helps for the maximum number of floor workers to be spread on the floor in order to respond quickly to patrons calling bingo or holders.

Floor Workers, please click here for the Floor Worker Cheat Sheet!

Kitchen Workers, please click here for the Kitchen Worker Cheat Sheet!

Visit our Facebook Bingo Page, please

Thank you for supporting SJS!