Welcome to Art at St. John’s School

Good day SJS Family! So we have officially entered September and the autumn colors will soon be invading our views and gently waving the hot summer days farewell until next year. I hope you enjoyed reading Shawn Costello’s message about “The Art Room”; it is found posted on my wall and I do live and teach by this philosophy.  Everyone that comes in my art room is an artist. I believe the arts are God’s gift to us to express creativity and wonder within the world He put us. The greatest lesson I teach in the classroom is “God Put An Artist in All of Us” (this also hangs in my classroom)! My art classroom is a place to find that artist within ourselves. To assist in that journey, my grading is very simple:




ART. It’s pretty easy to remember and it can define everything we do in the art classroom.

Appreciate: Be thankful, always, that we get to have art. Art is one of the first things to go when other things or budget matters take priority. We are lucky at SJS that the arts (visual, choral, instrumental) have always been a staple part of our curriculum. In other words, be glad to be where your are and the rest will follow. Take your position as an artist in the art room seriously and you will succeed.

Respect: Remember the Golden Rule– Treat others the way you would want to be treated. In the art room this includes classmates, teachers, and supplies. Take care of your supplies as if they were the most valuable of tools that can create a world of wonderful! Don’t forget to listen, to the teacher and to each other. Take in the world with your eyes and ears before feeling the need to speak. When it’s time to talk, the art world around you may have inspired something great from your mouth–listen and learn first!

Try: This is the only way to create. Artists have to take the chance to become successful. There may be a given path I provide in our lesson and although I allow the path to be explored, students must make the attempt to take the steps and MAKE ART. As long as we are trying, we are doing–we are artists.

As we go through the year, I will have lessons prepared for our artists to learn about art in a variety of ways. I believe to understand art, one must explore the who, what, where, when and why of art. With that said, I like our artists to know about famous artists, famous art movements in history, famous art and of course CREATE ART (their favorite)! Stay tuned for more art news as we continue through the year!!!

Thank you for encouraging creativity in your artists at home as well as with school. We are going to have a great year in art!

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.” Albert Einstein

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