Everything I needed to Know I learned in the Art Room by Shawn Costello

“Never say anything unkind about  something a classmate has created. Don’t hog all the colors. A pictures is more interesting with contrast, movement and different points of view– so is life. Be Kind to yourself if all your pictures don’t turn out– it happens to all artists. Your most patient model is the one in the mirror. Learn from looking at yourself and be patient. Say it with paper pop-ups, folded books, or little pasted pictures-making something for someone else can be a Holy act– do it often. Keep an open mind about different kinds of art… something unforeseen may become part of your expression some day. Purple houses, pink grass… there’s no right or wrong way to color your picture–honor your creative voice– it’s what makes you unique. Take a rest or a break during a project– solutions become more clear, ideas can grow. Paint from the heart, it will show-others will sense it.”