3rd Marking Period

We have settled down into our 3rd Marking Period in Art with the study of Drawing. In all classes, we are defining such vocabulary terms as Horizon Line, Vanishing Point, Perspective and Shading. Our hopes are to end the year as better artists as we explore this half of the year with how we draw!

Image result for durer praying hands

Also, as we enter into the Lenten Season, I thoroughly enjoy introducing and reviewing classic and contemporary religious art that reminds us of our faith. Above, Albrecht Durer’s Praying Hands are a wonderful reminder of an artists simple drawing of the most simplest offering we give to the Lord, that in which we commune with Him in prayer.

Of course, the Renaissance is a huge impact on our Religious Art but the Baroque Period is an amazing dramatic time for art where we can find some of the most impassioned pieces of faith based art.

Image result for da vinci last supper

Image result for rubens daniel

Image result for caravaggio doubting thomas

I hope students enjoy our work this quarter! We have a lot to cover, many new artworks to explore and much drawing to practice!!

Keep ARTing my friends!

Mrs. Redding