Kindergarten- Week 21!

January 29-  February 2

Elizabeth is our Faithful Friend this week!

Math- We are learning about numbers 0-20, and before, after and between.

Reading- This week we are finishing our unit on Superkid, Frits and “Ff”, and we will be learning about our new Superkid, Ettabetta and “Ee”!

Science- This week in science we are still learning about weather patterns, and learning about reading the temperature on a thermometer. Linden is our scientist this week!

Social Studies- Students are learning about what goods and services are, and we will begin learning about the world we live in.

Religion- We are continuing to learn about the Church Year.

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8th Grade homeroom teacher, Middle School Language Arts, Faith-filled wife and mother of 2. I love to cook, read, hike and spend time with my family and friends! Oh and I LOVE my job!!!!