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Hi! Mrs. Redding here and I’m thrilled once again to be teaching art at St. John’s in my NEW ROOM! This year, I’m downstairs preparing for an exciting year in art. Let me begin with some of my art room rules and new procedures this year.

The rules in art are simple:

Appreciate ~ Be glad we get to have art class.  Be excited and willing to learn!

Respect ~ Always act with kindness towards one another, the teacher and the supplies.

Try ~ You can only make it happen  by trying and that’s all I ask.

Your grades depend on following these rules. My classroom philosophy is “God put an artist in all of us.” I encourage students to find their inner artist with the “ART” rules in mind.

Next, in grades 3rd-8th we are using a 3-ring binder this year in art and it is shared with library. We will use this as our sketchbook and an organizing tool for all worksheets, some class activities and any ideas that we want to keep in art. Please bring it to EVERY class with a PENCIL.  Consistent failure to not be prepared for class will result in daily participation grade reduction and possibly  a demerit. Thank you for your help in coming prepared for ART!

Every marking period, we will focus on a different art period/movement, artists and do some projects related to the art history that we learn. A little history, a little biography and a hands on project helps make a well-rounded art student!

I hope you are looking forward to this year as much as I am. Feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions.

Blessing to you!!

Mrs. Julia Redding

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